Alaxandair Mac Uilliam

Alaxandair Mac Uilliam (or Alexander II) is the current King of Scotland. The only son of Uilliam mac Eanric (William the Lion) and Ermengarde de Beaumont (who is still alive), he became king of Scotland upon his father's death, and was crowned at Scone on 6 December 1214.

He put down a brief revolt from Clan Meic Uilleim and Clan MacHeth shortly after his coronation, then joined the English barons in their revolt against King John, leading an army into England. He reached the port of Dover, where he paid homage to Prince Louis of France. But after King John died in 1216, the barons changed their allegiance to John's nine-year-old son Henry III, and Alaxandair returned home.

Peace between Henry III, Prince Luis, and Alaxandair was reached in September of 1217 with the signing of the Treaty of Kingston.

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