Alexander the Lame of Merinita

Alexander the Lame got his name from a childhood deformity, as he was born with a twisted leg. Although he got his infirmity healed during his apprenticeship, he is still known by that name. He is obsessed with his body (but not in a narcissistic way), often casting Disguise of the New Visage and Aura of Ennobled Presence in an attempt to make himself look younger. He does constant research hoping to find magic that would retard or even reverse aging. He has never been able to master Faerie Magic, so he has had to invent many spells that mimic Faerie Magic's abilities.

He would like to travel to covenants on the Continent to pick the brains of other magi who have worked on the same problems that he has, but Caitlin won't fund such a voyage from the covenant coffers.

He is currently apprenticing Caitlin's grand-daughter Aine. She is a lively child who torments him with her games and play. He is often torn between his fear of and respect for Caitlin and his natural desire to swat the child.

Main Information

Age: 76
Apparent Age: 30
Year Born: 1144
Size: +0
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Scottish
Religion: Christian
Title/Profession: Magus

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