Angus of Tytalus

Angus is a newly "gauntleted" maguc from Stonehenge who murdered his parens and fled to Loch Leglean to escape the punishment he assumed would follow. He was informed that murdering your parens is an acceptable way to pass the gauntlet for Tytalus, and decided to stay and join the covenant for multiple reasons, including the fact he was uncertain the mundane authorities in England would be so understanding.

Vital Statistics

Size: 0
Age:22 (spring/summer 1221)
Decrepitude:** 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence: 2 (5)



Characteristic Score
Int 3
Per 0
Pre -1
Com 0
Str -1
Sta 3
Dex 0
Qik 0

Virtues and Flaws


Hermetic Magus (Free, Social), Apt Student (minor, general), Book Learner (minor, general), Adept laboratory student (minor hermetic), Secondary Insight (major, hermetic), Independent Study(minor, general), Inventive Genius (minor, Hermetic), Free Study (Minor, Hermetic), Self Confident (Free, general), Improved Characteristics (Minor General)


Blatant Gift (Major, Hermetic), Weak Parens (Minor, Hermetic), Wrathfull (Major, Personality), Plagued by Supernatural Entity- ghost of his Parens (Major, Supernatural)


Ability Specialization Score Experience
English Insults 5 0
Brawl Knife 3 0
Survival Woods 3 0
Stealth Hiding 3 0
Latin Hermetic Usage 5 0
Artes Liberales Ceremonial Magic 1 0
Magic Theory Inventing Spells 4 0
Leadership Intimidation 1 0


Technique Score Experience Form Score Experience Form Score Experience
Cr 2 0 An 2 0 Ig 8 6
In 2 2 Aq 2 0 Im 2 0
Mu 2 0 Au 2 1 Me 2 0
Pe 6 0 Co 2 0 Te 2 1
Re 2 2 He 2 1 Vi 2 0


Sooth the ferocious bear(ReAn)10
Touch of the pearls(InAq)5
bind wound(CrCo)10
charm against putrefaction(CrCo)10
hunt for the wild herb(InHe)5
lamp without flame(CrIg)10
words of unbroken silence(CrMe)10
The call to slumber(ReMe)10
The Unseen Porter(ReTe)10
scales of magical weight(InVi)5
sense the nature of vis(InVi)5

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