A very aloof covenant, Burnham has only recently started sending representatives to Loch Leglean's Tribunal meetings, and abstain from most votes. It is equally distant with regards to mundane affairs, relying on a grant of immunity from the English crown when it was founded in 1141 (during the Civil War).

Burnham is in a peculiar situation, as it is (barely) within England's mundane borders, but well north of Hadrian's Wall (and, thus, in Loch Leglean Tribunal). They consider themselves an English covenant and not a Scottish one, which has made them the target of Horsingas's wrath many a time. They have tried to appeal their status to Grand Tribunal to allow them to belong to Stonehenge, but could not muster the support to bring the issue before the body.

Known Members

Aindread ex Miscellanea
Caitlin ex Miscellanea
Focus of Flambeau
Sachiko of Merinita
Scintilla of Flambeau
Trutina of Guernicus.

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