Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita

Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita is the Prima of Loch Leglean Tribunal, by stint of her being the oldest maga in the Tribunal (if not the entire Order of Hermes). She is also the ruler of the Covenant of Crun Clach, one of the "Big Three" Loch Leglean covenants, which she rules with a firm hand.

She is a masterful diplomat,and has been able to lead coalitions of Lowland, Highland, and Borders covenants to censure or threaten Horsingas. However, she has had to make occasional concessions to the Highlanders for their help. Getting the Lowland covenants to cooperate has usually been easier due to the arrogance of the Horsingas magi, who usually help other magi only when Horsingas feels they can further Horsingas's anti-Norman movement. Most Lowlands magi have accepted or requested aid at one time or another from Crun Clach, and during times of trouble many of the aonaranan have sheltered there. The Border covenants will usually only stand against Horsingas if they feel that they have been wronged or acted against themselves.

Caitlin is half faerie and appears to be in her late teens, although her Hermetic age is at least 300; she may be the last survivor of the Schism War. She is quite possibly the most powerful wizard in the Order. Caitlin has extensive knowledge of things in and around Scotland, but her knowledge of the world beyond her homeland is shockingly lacking. Although her Latin is more than adequate, she has never been comfortable speaking it, and she has a very strong (at times, nigh unintelligible) accent. She learned the alphabet by drawing the letters as though they were pictures. She still has trouble reading, but the books she has written are considered masterpieces of calligraphy, reminiscent of ancient Scottish and Irish manuscripts.

Her two great companions in life are her (many times great-) grand-daughter Aine and her faerie dog Familiar, Gliocas ("wisdom"). Aine is nine years old and a flirt; she has started her Hermetic apprenticeship under Alexander the Lame of Merinita. Gliocas has been with Caitlin for over two centuries.

One of Caitlin's greatest accomplishments was in 954, when she was still a new maga at Crun Clach. She challenged the Prince of the Grey Jerkin, a moderately powerful prince of the seelie court and the then-ruler of the sithean where Crun Clach was founded, to a game of shinty. Then, when she won the first match, the Prince challenged her to another. And another. After five matches, Caitlin was the owner of the sithean and the prince's former court and courtiers.

Because of her age (and concerns of a few that she could be replaced by a faerie), she enchanted a chair so that, should anyone but her sit in it, it shouts (CrIm) "Impostor! Pretender! Interloper!" in Gaelic at the top of its lungs. Given that this was done over a century ago, it's doubtful that such a deception would take place…but it's become tradition that, at the opening ceremony, no one sits until she has taken her position on the dais, and the entire Tribunal heaves a dramatic sigh of relief.

Main Information

Last Update: 1220
Age: 327
Apparent Age: 16
Year Born: 893
Size: 0
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: Scottish
Religion: Christian
Title/Profession: Arch-Maga
Height: 5'4" (162 cm)
Weight: 102 lbs (46 kg)
Hair: Light red
Eyes: Amber
Handedness: Right
Familiar: Gliocas (faerie hound)

Known Attributes

Extremely knowledgeable of all the Arts
Has a vast grimoire
Speaks Latin with a very strong Scottish accent
Shrewd politician
Is commonly believed to be more Fae than human

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