Common Lab

The Common Lab, located on Eilean Chon, was designed to be used by any of the magi who want to take advantage of the island's more powerful Magic Aura of 6. It was built by Sylvanus ex Miscellanea (inventor of the Cabin of Earthen Wood) shortly after Insula Canaria was founded. The laboratory itself was destroyed by Faileas of Criamon before he killed himself, and has not yet been rebuilt; the building itself, however, is intact. There is a water stain on the floor and the bottoms of the walls on the east corner of the lab.

The fate of the laboratory, as well as how (or if) it is to be rebuilt and restocked and how to allocate its use, will be determined by the Council.


Location: Eilean Chon
Floor: Ground (note that the building is single story)
Build Points:
Names On Sanctum Marker: none (There is an inscription on the door that reads "This Laboratory is Provided for the Common Good of the Covenant of Insula Canaria", in Gaelic and Latin.)
Size: +1 (675 square feet/62.7 square meters)
General Quality: -5
Health: +
Aesthetics: 3

Virtues and Flaws

Major Virtues

Minor Virtues

Lesser Feature (Antechamber)
Lesser Feature (Window)

Free Virtues

Dedicated Building
Idyllic Surroundings
Magical Heating (Superior)
Magical Lighting (Superior)
Superior Construction

Major Flaws


Minor Flaws


Free Flaws

Missing Sanctum Marker


  • +1 Ignem
  • +1 Imaginem
  • +1 Rego
  • +1 Texts

Personality Traits



Enchanted Items

Common Lab Usage

Season Magus Project
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