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Friends and Companions

Corbin introduced the following NPCs to the covenant when he arrived:

  • Sean, his personal servant and sometimes lab aide. An ex-monk happy to find a new slightly less judgemental home.
  • Tyne, his female Shield Grog, a reclusive branded criminal looking for a new start.
  • Kevin, his trusted swordsman, and the poor guy his Clan decided must make sure he lives a little longer.
  • Lorna and Molly, the wife and child of Kevin. Lorna is servant and their daughter is 6 in 1220.


Corbin was unfortunately born into a very prestigious and serious clan. From birth the family taught its sons and daughters to fight honourably and always uphold the clan's name. Generations of tales speak of their grace and power, and generations of rules dictate the lives of its noteworthy members. Corbin knows this and thinks it's all a little pompous.

As exposure to the bluster and bravado increased as did the boy's talent for not taking it seriously. Over time his teachers threw their arms up in disgust. The tales of heroic deeds filled his mind far more than the practical rules. He would daydream through lessons, escape his duties, and avoid almost all filial duties.

Eventually only a handful of direct family thought him more than a lazy and useless boy. Time spent practicing his songs and stories was ill regarded.

Corbin was far from lonely though. As an attractive youth with a musical talent he could be counted as a regular performer in clan gatherings., and also frequently found socialising among his clansmen. His father and uncle's ire rising with the enjoyment of the crowd. However even the skalds and minstrels commented that he lacked the discipline to learn properly; to correctly follow their traditions.

As the boy grew he enjoyed the company in taverns, or quiet places, some majestic overlooks, and especially the company of lovers. This did little to harden his resolve.

His master found him practicing his singing along a quiet loch, walking for the pleasure of the wind itself. Corbin knows she saw greater things within him, even if they remained hidden under his carefree demeanour. Later she would admit his nature was at times frustrating.

The apprenticeship years were again frustrating for many around Corbin but not for him. Magical studies were infrequent enough that he was able to still practice his passions, and when he gained traction in Imagonem he began integrating the art into his practices. He loves what the magic can do, how it changes the art so much.

Corbin is actually a family nickname due to his dark complexion and slight build. It started as a casual pet name from his mother and stuck.

Current Stats

As at 1219.


Int +2, Per -2 (no not paying attention), Pre +2, Com +3, Str -2 (thin frame), Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik 0, Size: 0, Age: 32 (32)

Virtues and Flaws

Deft Form (Imaginem) [Form: Imaginem], Faerie Magic*, Gentle Gift, The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Inventive
Genius (Invent Lab Totals: +3), Personal Vis Source (Imaginem) [Location], Puissant Imaginem, Second Sight*, Strong Nymph
Blood [Physical Quirk: Blue blood], Black Sheep (a Rake from notable clan), Carefree, Hedge Wizard (barely a wizard), Study
Requirement, Weakness (Legends and Stories), Weird Magic (Botches on Stressed Casting: Extra botch die)
Reputations: Hedge Wizard (barely a wizard) 3, Rake (with family clan) 2


Area Lore: Scottland 2, Artes Liberales 1 (cermonial magic), Philosophiae 1, Bargain 1 (Taverns, Inns, Whorehouses),
Carouse 2 (drinking songs), Charm 2 (first impressions), Faerie Lore 1 (bargains), Faerie Magic 1(0)*, Finesse 3, Folk Ken 2 (townsfolk),
Gaelic 5 (storytelling), Hunt 1, Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Leadership 1(10), Magic Lore 1 (creatures), Magic Theory 6
(inventing spells), Music 3 (sing), Parma Magica 1 (Corpus), Scribe 1 (copying), Second Sight 1 (regiones), Survival 1 (highlands),
Swim 1 (long distances), Teaching 1


Cr 3, In 8, Mu 5, Pe 8, Re 4, An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 0, He 0, Ig 0, Im 8+3, Me 0, Te 0, Vi 6

Spells Known:

  • Aura of Beguiling Appearance (MuIm 10) +17
  • Aura of Childlike Innocence (MuIm 10) +17
  • Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10) +17
  • Conjuration of the Insubstantial Fleeting Blindfold (CrIm 5) +15
  • Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood (InIm 25) +20
  • Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15) +17
  • Dreadful Bane of the Fae (PeVi 5)
  • The Ear for Distant Voices (InIm 20) +20
  • Invisible Sling of Vilano (ReTe 10) +6, Mastery 1 (precise casting)
  • Sap the Griffon's Strength (PeVi 5)
  • Traveler's Awareness (InIm 5) +20
  • Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20) +20
  • Veil of Silent Passage (PeIm 10) +20
  • View Around Corners (InIm 10) +20
  • Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10) +16
  • Unraveling the Fabric of Imagonem (PeVi5)

Personal Resources

Magical Devices

The Traveler's Sanctuary
A bronze belt buckle, which is touched at the same time as touching the target's forehead to ward the target against wind and rain, all but the worst natural weather. The affected target may still have trouble seeing through squalls and strong wind, but their own person is protected. [Cost: 8 BPs].
Rego Auram / Aquam 15.
(Base 4 to protect from the wind and rain, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +5 24 uses per day.

Blessed Ring of Warmth
A plain bronze ring with a small flame etched into the surface. [Cost:4]
Creo Ignem 5, R: Touch, D: Sun, T:Individual = final level 10.
The object touched becomes comfortably warm. A simple cantrip for traveling or cold winter’s nights.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun), +5 24 uses per day.

Ring of the Wayward Journey
An enchanted Personal Flight Item (ReCo 40 device), [cost: 16]
(Base 15 to fly quickly, +1 Touch, +1 Conc, +5 Device Maintains Conc, +10 Unlimited uses),

Libram of Imaginary Pages
(Lesser device: Cr/Mu/Re/Im 30) [cost: 12]
The libram appears to be a piece of treated oak carved to look like a very small closed notebook. Upon command the libram will create an illusory sheet of writing paper, which can be used to scribe notes. The virtual paper includes a tactile illusion so that slight resistance is felt by the writer when being changed. When written upon the illusion reacts to the motions of the writing implement, so that ink is not needed to write on the surface. The illusory pages can be moved about or placed in mid air, and altered as pleases the writers just like a normal piece of paper. The illusory pages can be created in three sizes: note/palm sized, large book sized, and table sized.
Effect: The Scrawling Sheet (CrIm25) (CrIm base 2 for visual and tactile illusion, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +1 can be moved around, +1 intricate text and drawings, +1 changeable image). Device mods: +5 24 uses per day.
Note: grants a lab bonus +3 to Imagonem lab totals.

Amulet of the Sleeping Werewolf
A solidly built bronze amulet shaped like a stylized moon setting over water , held on a leather strap. A defensive device (ReMeAn30), [cost: 12]
(Call to Slumber for men and beasts, ReMeAn10, +10 unlimited uses, Pen +20),

Items of Quality

  • [2] A set of Panpipes, as an Verditius Item of Quality,
  • [2] A wand, as Verditius Item of Quality,

Lab Texts

  • [2] Lab Text (spell) - Follower's Bane (ReCo 10)
  • [3] Lab Text (spell) - Book of Images (CrIm 15)
  • [1] Lab Text (spell) - Faerie Flute (MuIm 4)
  • [1] Lab Text (spell) - The Magic Flute (CrHe5)(MoH 139)
  • [3] Lab Text (spell) - Aura of the Simple Bard (MuIm 15)
  • [4] Lab Text (spell) - Safe Haven (MuIm 20)
  • [5] Lab Text (spell) - Living Fire (MuIm 25)


Corbin personally gains 6 pawns of vis per year (2 vim, 4 imagonem).

As at: 1219

  • Imagonem stock: 28
  • Vim stock: 14
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