Corvus's Laboratory

In the northwest part of the covenant just Inside (#12 on the covenant map). The lab is standard size, with two Lesser Features (only one is counted for Corvus's lab totals): an antechamber1 and a tree. It also has the free Virtues Dedicated Building, Magical Heating, Magical Lighting, and Superior Construction. It is also Infested (Inhabitants flaw) and has the Predecessor flaw. It has 1 Refinement, and Upkeep +1, Safety 0, Health +1, Warping +1, and Aesthetics +2. It has Specializations in Rego +1 , Imaginem +1, Experimentation +2, and Texts +1.

Aesthetically, the magically-created wood looks to be more rough-hewn than the other buildings than were created with the Cabin of Earthen Wood spell. A birch tree (Lesser Feature) grows from the center of the laboratory through a hole in the roof; it stands about sixty feet (18 meters) tall, and the trunk is about two feet (0.6m) in diameter.

Corvus has spend 1 season refining the lab

Predecessor -1 safety, +1 warping, +1 experimentation
Inhabitants: -1 safety -1 Aesthetics +1 Te

Dedicated Building(f): +1 upkeep
Magical Heating(f) +1 health, +1 Aesthetics. +1 Ig
Magical Lighting(f): +1 Aesthetics, +1 Texts, +1 Im
Superior Construction(f): +1 safety, +1 Aesthetics

1: Currently counts for lab totals

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