Council Chamber

The Council Chamber is the room where the Council of Magi of the Covenant of Insula Canaria meet. It takes up most of the ground floor of the Council Hall. The office of the Princeps is also located on the ground floor.

The main entrance is on the north wall, opening onto the dock. There is a smaller exit on the south wall. Glass windows adorn the three walls that face the loch. The Map of the Meandering Monster hangs from the east wall, between two windows.

The main feature of the Chamber is the large oval table, large enough to comfortable seat four on each side. The table is truncated at the end closest to the Princeps's office, and the Princeps traditionally sits there.

Eilid's Rug lies on the floor to one side of the table.

Stairs to the Library run up the east and west walls, starting at diagonal corners; the stairs up start at the northwest corner, and the stairs down end at the southeast corner.

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