Covenant Of Insula Canaria

Covenant Description

The Covenant of Insula Canaria, founded in 1143, sits on the south end of Loch Ness, on the western shore. The village of Cill Chuimein is about mile to the south. Cill Chuimein has about 200 souls and is the home of the nearest church. Inbhir Mhoireastain, home to about 40 or 50, lies about six miles to the north. The road that passes by Insula Canaria, running from Cill Chuimein to Inbhir Mhoireastain and on to Inverness is little more than a cart path.

The first thing that a visitor to the covenant might notice is the wooden pier that extends several hundred feet into the loch and completely encloses the two islands.

The western island, Eilean Muireach, is about 53 by 56 paces, and is connected to the shore by a wooden bridge. The Council Hall, a two-story wooden structure that houses the Council Chamber on the lower level and the covenant library on the upper, is located on Eilean Muireach.

The eastern island, Eilean Chon, is substantially smaller than Eilean Muireach, and has no permanent bridge connecting it to the mainland. The island is about 15 by 20 paces, and has a wooden dock facing the shore, large enough for a cart and horse to turn around on. The covenant’s Common Lab is a large single-story wooden building, about 25 by 30 feet, that takes advantage of the island’s stronger Magic aura.

The covenant proper is enclosed by a wide crushed-stone path. The path begins where the eastern end of the pier hits land, runs in about 200 feet before it runs to the west for around 600 feet, then loops southward to end at the shore some 300 feet west of the pier. This path also serves as part of the Boundary for the Aegis of the Hearth (the pier comprising the rest of it).

The land north of the covenant is heavily forested for at least a mile or two until you reach the covenant’s pasture lands, although there are numerous paths that cut through it. There are also creeks emanating from within the forest that run along the eastern and western boundaries of the covenant, emptying into the loch. Although they are both good-sized creeks, they are not large enough to supply the covenant with enough water on their owh. There are also a handful of wells within the covenant that also provide fresh water.

The western end of the covenant is dominated by the Revel Hall, a large barn-like structure that not only serves as the site for the muggles’ dances, feasts, and quarterly revels (held the evenings of the Council meetings), but it also serves as a shelter in case of attacks or other emergencies.

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