Covenant Record Page

Covenant Information

Covenant Name: Insula Canaria
Tribunal: Loch Leglean
Setting: Loch Ness, in the Highlands of Scotland
Storyguide: Peregrine Bjornaer
Saga: Loch Ness: A New Dawn
Year Founded: 1143
Current Year: 1220
Aura Type: Magic
Aura Level: 5 over entire covenant; 6 on Eilean Chon (subject to books/hooks chosen by players)
Living Conditions Modifier (Magi): +1
Living Conditions Modifier (Mundanes): 0
Season: Winter
Aegis of the Hearth: 30 (Pen: 17)


Build Points

Starting Points1 Current Points Notes
Library 909 909
Lab Texts 128 128
Vis Stocks 44 44
Vis Sources 510 510
Enchanted Items 48 160
Specialists 25 50
Laboratories 0 0
Money 0 0

Boons and Hooks

Major Boons

Exceptional Book (External Relations): Insula Canaria owns Unleashing the Grim, a masterpiece summa on the art of Perdo.
Limited Aura (Site): the Aura on Eilean Chon (and, thus, the Common Laboratory) is higher than the rest of the Covenant.

Minor Boons

Aura (x2) (Site): the Covenant's base Aura is Magic: 5.
Hidden Resources (Resources): with only one maga in residence who has been there for any length of time, there bound to be things that have slipped through the cracks.
Local Ally (External Relations): The chief of Clan Glengarry has long been favorable toward the covenant, and vice versa.
Seclusion (Site): Insula Canaria is located in a remote part of the Highlands, 15 miles from the nearest city (Inverness), and 75 to the nearest good-sized city (Elgin).
Secondary Income: Livestock (sheep) (Resources): Since the early days of the covenant, Insula Canaria has always had very fine herds of sheep.
Strong Community (Residents): Because of both their strong connection to Clan Glengarry and the age and relative isolation of Insula Canaria, the covenfolk look after each other and are suspicious of strangers.
Ungoverned (External Relations): Despite the odd army romping up and down the Highlands, the constant back and forth between noble powers and out-of-the-way nature of the covenant lets Insula Canaria govern itself as it sees fit.
Veteran Fighters (Residents): There's an unofficial, "off-the-books" arrangement between Insula Canaria and Clan Glengarry that leads many of the men (and some of the women) to become trained warriors.
Vis Grant (Resources): It has long been the rule at the covenant that the magi receive vis as a matter of right (the exact shares are outlined in the Covenant Charter).
Wealth: Sheep (Resources): Through selective breeding and a little magical tweaking across the years, the covenant's herds have been made into some of the finest sheep in Scotland. Their wool is of very good quality and is much sought after.

Free Choices

Hunters and Fishers (Residents) Many of the covenfolk make their living fishing in the loch.
Peasants (Residents) Many of the local inhabitants are shepherds and farmers.

Minor Hooks

Dark Secret (Residents): There's something bad in the covenant's past that the PCs don't know about yet.
Faerie Court (Surroundings): Three miles north of the covenant is a Faerie Burgh or mound. Scylla of Merinita left documents detailing her exploration of the Burgh; her Tractatus, in the Covenant Library, talks about a regio located on (or in) the mound and details some of the negotiations with the inhabitants. In exchange for the covenfolk leaving tokens for the Fae and holding a Festival in the autumn, the Court gives a gift once a year. The mound has an Aura of Faerie: 3.
Fallen Temple (Surroundings): Druids used a stone circle in the forest near the covenant for their magical training and as a place of worship. The site has not been secured, so what lies within is unknown.
Favors (External Relations): The covenant owes favors to the chief of Clan Glengarry.
Fosterage (Residents): The covenant educates the sons and daughters of the Chief of Clan Glengarry. As a result, there is usually at least one member of the lord's family in residence.
Haunted (Site): Ghosts of powerful or influential residents, including magi, haunt the covenant. Most ghosts have some temporal interest keeping them from moving on.
Monster: Niseag (Surroundings): Niseag (the so-called "Loch Ness Monster") makes her home in the loch, and is in fact the source of one of the Covenant's Vis sources.
Monster (Surroundings): With the loss of much of the covenant's magical protection when its magi left, a monster of some sort has recently taken up residence near the covenant.
Public Vis Source (External Relations): Anyone with access to the Peripheral Code can learn the location and the precise method of harvesting of one or more of the covenant's vis sources.
Refugee (Residents): A nobleman/woman has come to the covenant after being displaced by a usurper (which may or may not be known to the magi). The refugee has useful skills, and may aid the magi, but will eventually attempt to retake their lost possessions (and will presumably solicit the magi for help).
Rights and Customs (Residents): The covenfolk of Insula Canaria have a number of traditions and rights that cause the magi difficulty, but can't be altered without damaging the muggles' morale.
Suffrage (Residents): Throughout most of its history, Insula Canaria has given its womenfolk equal rights and an equal say. This is arguably sinful, and may cause derision by outsiders.

Major Hooks

War Zone (External Relations): This is not a friendly part of Scotland; the whole area is rife with rebellion.


Type of Governance: Council
Prevailing Loyalty Score: -3
Base Loyalty: -38
Living Conditions: 0
Equipment: 0
Specialists: 0
Current Loyalty Points: -38

Inhabitants Number Points
Magi 11 55
Nobles 0 0
Companions 6 0
Specialists/Craftsmen 9 18
Dependents 0 0
Grogs 41 41
Laborers 0 0
Servants 28 28
Teamsters 16 16
Horses 0 0
Totals 111 176


Angus of Tytalus (silveroak)
Beatrix of Mercere (callen)
Boudicca of Bonisagus (NPC)
Corbin of Merinita (ironboundtome)
Corvus of Merinita (jebrick)
Dušan of Tremere (senji)
Eilid of Bjornaer (NPC)
Gavin ex Miscellanea (Trogdor)
Hope of Verditius (Quite Possibly a Cat)
Laerleggr of Verditius (Emelric)
Lepos ex Miscellanea (Wits)


Arthur (silveroak)
Conachar Mor Gruagachan (jebrick)
Isobel the Witch (Trogdor)
Mull (Emelric)
Rónán mac Domnall (callen)
Seamus the Red (ironboundtome)


Glassblower (Glassworking: 6)
Nicodemus (Abilities: Latin 5, Magic Theory 5)
Remy (Abilities: Latin 5, Magic Theory 5)
Rizzo (Abilities: Latin 5, Magic Theory 5)
Scribe (Scribe: 6)
Shepherd (Farmer: 7)
Shipwright (Shipwright: 6)
Splinter (Abilities: Latin 5, Magic Theory 5)
Templeton (Abilities: Latin 5, Magic Theory 5)


Duncan (silveroak)
Jerry the Forge Companion (Quite Possibly a Cat)
Kevin Longarm (ironboundtome)
Maris verch Siarl
Muriel inghean Tairdhealbhach
Owain ap Culhwch
Runa Rauenild
Samuel the Piper
Seamus mac Torcaill
Sean (ironboundtome)
Snorri Óláfsson
Tyne (ironboundtome)

Horses & Livestock

Lands and Possessions

Weapons & Armour


Money Reserve 0
Total Income 350
Expenditures (before Cost Savings) 190
Cost Savings -20
Total Expenditures 170
Points of Inhabitants 175
Points of Laboratories 0
Points of Weapons 546
Member Weapons Points: 546

Sources of Income

Fishing (Typical), Current Income: 100
Sheep (Wealthy), Current Income: 250

Yearly Expenditure

Buildings 18
Consumables 35
Inflation 0
Laboratories 0
Provisions 88
Tithes 0
Wages 35
Weapons and Armor 2
Writing Materials2 12

Cost Savings

Buildings: -4
Consumables: 0
Laboratories: 0
Weapons & Armor: 0
Writing Materials: 0
Provisions: -16

Enchanted Items

Bridge Post (Island Side)
Bridge Post (Land Side)
The Destroyer of Snow and Ice
Eilid's Rug
Magical Oven
Map of the Meandering Monster
The Motivated Plow
The Niseag's Necklace
Shearing Knife
Shepherd's Staff (x2)
Tanner's Candlestick

Total Build Points: 160


Total Build Points for Books: 909

Lab Texts

Total Build Points: 128
Total Levels: 640

Vis Sources

Build Points Vis Source Annual Yield
50 The Blueberries of Epona 5p Creo, 5p Corpus
60 The Disappearing Shore 6p Perdo, 6p Terram
30 The Font of Purest Water 2p Creo, 4p Aquam
40 The Icy Bath 4p Corpus, 4p Ignem
40 Jar of Rancid Water 4p Auram, 4p Imaginem
50 Man-eating Plant 5p Rego, 5p Corpus
30 The Monster's Eggs 6p Animal
50 The Mushrooms of the Visionary Herbalist 5p Intellego, 5p Herbam
15 Opals of the Autumn Harvest 3p Muto
40 A Riotous Growth of Snowbells 5p Creo, 3p Herbam
25 The Rocks of Slow Gogmagog 5p Vim
40 The Seeress's Headwaters 3p Intellego, 5p Vim
40 Shooting Star from the Leonids 6p Rego, 2p Terram

Vis Stocks

Art Beginning Current3
Creo 14 14
Intellego 14 14
Muto 14 14
Perdo 14 14
Rego 14 14
Animal 14 14
Aquam 9 9
Auram 9 9
Corpus 19 19
Herbam 9 9
Ignem 9 9
Imaginem 9 9
Mentem 9 9
Terram 19 19
Vim 29 29
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