Covenant Traditions

Insula Canaria, as has any covenant that's been around for as long as it has, has its fair share of unique traditions and unusual rituals. This page lists some that will likely get mentioned in game-play…most likely for flavour-text.

Sgeigeach Niseag (The Taunting of the Niseag)

Once a year, after the Summer Council Meeting, some of the hardier and braver (and, some would say, more foolhardy) covenfolk gather on the shore at the foot of the pier, dressed only in robes. They disrobe and and walk, naked, down the length of Short Leg to the Long Pier. Once they're all on the Long Pier, they look out onto the loch and shout something along the lines of "You want a piece of us, you great scaly bitch? Now's your chance, come and get us!" They then turn and dive into the loch (whose water is rarely above 41º F/5º C) and swim toward shore. Once they reach shore, they grab their robes and clothes and head to the Revel Hall to dry off before the fires.

Seasonal Revels

Once a season, on the afternoons/evenings/late nights of the days the Council meets, the entire covenant turns out at the Revel Hall for drinking, singing, feasting, dancing, and socializing long into the night. (This is over and above the normal meals that the cooks prepare every day for anyone who wishes to eat there.)

Appeasing the Fae

The covenfolk follow a set of customs to appease the local fae, such as leaving the first fish of the catch on certain rocks, leaving a loaf a bread in the fields, and putting out bowls of milk at certain times of the year. They also hold a festival in the summer that includes the telling of tales of the folk of the mound.

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