Covenants Of Loch Leglean

The Hermetic landscape in Loch Leglean tends to be fluid. It's not uncommon for two or three new covenants to appear at any Tribunal meeting, and for that many to dissolve at the same time. Under the Peripheral Code, a covenant must send at least one delegate to Tribunal to be recognized, although in practice it's generally enough to simply send a sigil with a representative. The known covenants are:

Aillse Creag
Crun Clach
Doire Druidhan
Fire's Heart
Fithich Spòg
Horn's Hills
Insula Canaria
Lamh nam Monadh
Loch Leglean
Mac Gruagach
Mór Ráth
Non Metuens
Portus Viduae Vastae
Rupres Vitri
Scapa Flow
Winter Wind

In addition, there are roughly two dozen aonaranan in Loch Leglean who were not attached to any covenant at the time of the last Tribunal.

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