Crun Clach

One of the "big three" Loch Leglean covenants, Crun Clach is the leader of the Lowlands covenants and home to the Prima (Caitlin Suil Uaine ex Merinita). It has traditionally been rather political, and was responsible for the eponymous pact that governs the Tribunal's relations with mundanes and, in some regards, with each other. Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita, the leader of Crun Clach, often acts as the de facto leader of the Lowlands covenants, simply because they don't want to support Horsingas's often flagrant excesses. Caitlin is an uncanny diplomat who's been able to lead coalitions of Lowland and Highland covenants against Horsingas; however, she has had to make concessions at times to the Highlanders for their aid. She's had an easier time with the Lowlanders due to Horsingas's arrogance in only aiding those who they feel can further their anti-Norman goals. Most Lowlands magi have accepted or requested aid at one time or another from Crun Clach, and during times of trouble many aonaranan have sought shelter there.

Crun Clach is inside a sithean (faerie mound), which Caitlin Suil Uaine won in a shinty match in 954, shortly after the covenant was founded. The previous owner of the hill was The Prince of the Grey Jerkin, a prince of the seelie court. Many of the inhabitants of the covenant are seelie who were in servitude to the Prince and remained in the hill.

The covenant is a gently sloping hill with a "crown” of stones jutting out of the ground about ten feet below the top. The covenant's entrance can normally only be found by those possessing the means to pierce the glamor that hides the doorway (Second Sight + Perception 8+, Intellego Imaginem spells of level 10+, or the goodwill of the covenant). Once found, the doorway stands as a stone covered with delicate tracery in the Pictish style. The door must be attuned to the visitor, or he must be brought through by a member of the covenant. On Beltane, Samhain, and the nights of the full moon, the glamor is thin, and anyone may see the door on a Perception roll of 4+. Those who have special abilities can see the door automatically at these times.

The door leads into the lowest level of the covenant's regio, which houses the stables, kitchens, and the mortal servants' quarters. This level of the regio has a Faerie Aura of 3. The walls are carved from the hill's natural granite and having running patterns carved into them. Some rooms are painted, and all have a fae feel to them, which is disconcerting to visitors.

The second level can be entered by any of the faerie (or anyone with Faerie Blood). They walk down corridors with no exits, or open doors that did not exist before they arrived and don't exist after they leave. This second level has a Faerie aura of 4. The walls are of fine quartz veined with traces of gold. The walls glow with a diffused light which illuminate the hall so that there are no shadows. The quarters of the bulk of the court, as well as a number of storerooms for vis and goods, are found on this level.

The last level of the regio has a Faerie aura of 6. It is restricted to the magi, and here can be found their labs and living quarters. This level is constructed of an intelligent, living stone named Am Balla.

Origins of the Covenant

The Prince of the Grey Jerkin founded Crun Clach long before the Picts, or even the builders of the Brochs, came to Scotland. He lived here with his people, ruling a court of seelie fairies. His court's favorite sport was shinty, a game related to the hurly played by his cousins in Ireland. As the years passed and mortals came into the area, the court began to use shinty for wagering and determining debts. They always included a mortal in the game to make it binding on all parties. If the human was on the winning side, the Prince would reward him or her with gold or strange gifts. However, he would give a losing mortal to the Sluagh, which would force the poor person to murder and steal before driving him or her mad.

In 954 Caitlin Suil Uaine, a young half-faerie maga, challenged the Prince and his court to a game of shinty, wagering her youth and her remarkable beauty against entry into the court. She gathered together a number of her friends, many of them whom were magi. The game lasted two full days, with Caitlin's team emerging victorious. The Prince, furious at having lost to a band of mere mortals, challenged her to an immediate rematch, with a position in the court second only to that of the highest councilors against her youth and beauty. Again the mortals won and again the Prince re-challenged and raised the stakes. After five games, the Prince found himself stripped of his hill, court, and courtiers. Caitlin moved in with her friends. She claimed the third level of the regio as her own and barred the courtiers. To consolidate her gain, she befriended Am Balla, but with what means only she and Am Balla know.

Recent History of the Covenant

Caitlin has owned the hill outright since 954, and has ruled it wisely and well. She has used her own natural longevity and the vast resources of Crun Clach to gain control of most of the Lowland covenants. The recent (to her mind) emergence of the Saxons of Horsingas has eroded that control and created yet another power bloc in the tribunal. Crun Clach is popular with visiting Merinita magi, as well as with the occasional lord of the seelie court. Here the faerie and mortal cultures intermix, and strange and bizarre events often take place. The political machinations of Iain Mac Gabhan only spice up the mix, though Caitlin has no fears for her position, due to her friendship with Am Balla.


The life of the inhabitants of Crun Clach is luxurious, compared to that of any other covenant in Scotland. The covenant is well furnished, and the labs are well-appointed. For the magi, space can be had for the asking, and Caitlin is able to expand the lower levels of the regio as well. No one knows how she accomplishes this, but as long as can create new space (or remove unwanted areas), they don’t mind. Conveniently-placed magical rocks light the first level regio. Creating and renewing the stones is part of the obligation each magus has to the covenant. Household chores are performed by the brownies, grochans and other minor faeries who serve the Mistress of the Hill.

The second level of the regio is even more spotless than the first, as any smudge will show up on the illuminated walls. The fae keep their revels and entertainment here just as they did in the “old days” of the Prince’s reign. The food is of a strong fae nature, and prolonged exposure to it will change a mortal in unpredictable ways. The third level of the regio is the strangest of all. The living rock means that there are no corridors; instead, Am Balla creates a passageway to the rooms. Visitors to a magus’s quarters must ask Am Balla to open a door to that room. Am Balla will usually only do this after checking to see that the room’s owner will accept the visitor. Even Caitlin cannot force Am Balla to perform a task, and Am Balla has a long memory for both friends and insults.

Known Members

Caitlin Suil Uaines
Alexander the Lame
Iain Mac Gabhan
Radislav am Polanach
Seumas an Cat,

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