Dramatis Personae

A list of the player-characters (and select NPCs) in the saga, with links to their pages1


Beatrix of Mercere, a Mercere necromancer in the Cult of Mercury. (callen)
Boudicca, a Trianoma Bonisagus. (NPC)
Corbin of Merinita, a gentle gifted illusionist rake. (ironboundtome)
Corvus ex Merinita, a magus who specializes in Crows and Ravens. (jebrick)
Eilid of Bjornaer, a maga who is more comfortable in her Heartbeast. (NPC)
Gavin ex Miscellanea, an ex Miscellanea magus from the Society of Alchemists. (Trogdor/Patentpope)
Hope of Verditius (Quite Possibly a Cat)
Laerleggr of Verditius, a bone-carver. (Emelric)
Tantalus of Tytalus, a newly gauntleted Tytalus mage. (silveroak)


Arthur (silveroak)
Conachar Mor Gruagachan (jebrick)
Isobel the Witch (Trogdor/Patentpope)
Mull the Librarian (Emelric)
Rónán mac Domnall (callen)
Seamus the Red a hard warband leader. (ironboundtome)


Groot, a small man made of wood who serves as familiar to Gavin. (Trogdor/Patentpope)
Günther, the draconic revenant familiar of Beatrix. (callen)
Scrymgeour, a curious and rather lethargic black and white cat. (ironboundtome)

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