Drystan of Merinita

Drystan of Merinita was one of the founding members of Insula Canaria, and the last to leave after Faileas's death. He is currently residing at Mór Ráth.

He is a Nature Merinita as opposed to a Faerie Merinita. Born and raised in Wales, during and shortly after his apprenticeship in the Stonehenge Tribunal, he found himself more and more appalled by the growing incursion of humanity into land that isn't theirs. If he had been found by a different magus, he could verily easily have become a militant Wilderist Bjornaer, as he tends to share their philosophy. The lands he grew up in and spent his apprenticeship became "civilized" before his eyes. As he did not yet have the power to effect any changes, he decided to move to Loch Leglean, as it was one of the few tribunals that had not yet been overcome by mankind's poisonous influence.

He was an aonaran when he first came to Loch Leglean, soon after his Gauntlet. He had been a magus for about five years when Faileas approached him about founding a covenant on the shores of Loch Ness. The Criamon convinced him that he had seen a Vision that led him to believe that for as long as the covenant stood, the lands surrounding the Loch would not succumb to the virulent influence of mankind.

For many years, Drystan has stood against the encroaching tide of civilization, even if it was just in how the physical covenant was designed. In recent decades, it seems that age has mellowed him somewhat, and he has come to grudgingly accept that man's conquest of the earth may be inevitable…he may not like it, but he no longer believes that it can be stopped.

In both his arts and his abilities, he is very Nature-oriented. Many of his abilities allow him to work more easily with plants and animals.

He is about average height, and heavyset, with short brown hair,a neatly-trimmed goatee, and hazel eyes.

Main Information

Last Update: 1220
Age: 102
Apparent Age: 40
Year Born: 1118
Size: 0
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Welsh
Religion: Non-practicing Christian
Title/Profession: Magus
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: 233 lbs. (106 kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Familiar: Wallace (a beaver)

Known Attributes

Inoffensive to Animals
Animal Ken
Very knowledgeable in House Merinita Lore.
Has Functional fluency in Gaelic.
Strongest with Creo and Herbam, strong with Rego and Animal.

Member: 1143-1218

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