Eilean Chon

Eilean Chon (Gaelic for "Dog Island") is the easternmost of the two islands within the covenant boundary, and has no permanent physical connection to the island. There are, however, a pair of matching enchanted posts (one on the dock on the landward side of Eilean Chon, and one on the shore directly facing it) that can create a bridge at a moment's notice.

Eilean Chon is only about 15 paces by 20 paces. The dock on the northerly side of the island is just big enough for a cart and horse to turn around on.

The Common Lab is a large single-story building, about 25 by 30 feet (7.6m by 9.1m).

Eilean Chon got its name from a vision that Faileas had when he was looking for a place to establish a covenant. He followed a hound to the edge of the loch, where he and the hound walked on the water to the island. The dog then barked repeatedly at something in the water before it turned around on the island and laid down to sleep as it started to glow.

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