How Experience and Confidence Points Are Awarded

Every character that participates in a thread or storyline will be awarded Experience Points, and (based on their level of participation and their roleplaying) may be awarded Confidence Points.

Experience Points

If the story is a main thread (e.g. one of the seasonal adventures), the Storyguide starts with 6 if the player simply shows up with a minimal level of participation. If the character manages to accomplish something, the Storyguide will probably award 7 or 8 xp. If the character not only accomplishes a goal (either the one the Storyguide had going in or one that that the player or character came up with that just seemed better) but manages to impress the Storyguide with either outstanding role-playing or real character advancement, he might award 8 or 9 xp. If what the character does and how he does it just blows the Storyguide out of the water, he would probably award 10 xp.

The storyguide uses the same formula for minor threads or for minor roles in a main thread, but will award Experience Points on a scale of 1-5 instead of 6-10.

Confidence Points

Confidence Points are used to reward role-playing, and stumping or impressing the gm. If the player/character actively participates in the thread (or, if it's a big year-long thread like Intercharacter Goodness, that particular storyline within the thread), the character gets one. If the player challenge the Storyguide in a good way, by making him think about what he's doing and fleshing things out more, the character gets another one. If the Storyguide actually go "Wow" that's a Confidence Point.

On average, a character may get two, or even three, Confidence Points per story to go with the Adventure experience points.

Note that only Magi and Companions may receive Confidence Points.

Also note that, per House Rule, Experience Points gained in play may be spent without impacting a character's Seasonal or Annual Advancement.

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