Faileas of Criamon

Faileas ex Criamon founded Insula Canaria in 1143. He was able to get five other aonaranan to join the covenant, primarily with the promise of what were then bountiful Vis resources and the benefits of working together as opposed to spending all of their time trying to ferret out a living in the Highlands. Even then, he was a conniving and manipulative magus, who wanted the other magi to act as a shield against any potential threats that might prevent him from fully exploring and understanding the Enigma.

His strongest arts were Creo, Rego, and Vim. He also had Visions, which tended to manifest when he lost his awareness of his surroundings. He was strong in Intrigue, Guile, and Bargain – skills that were useful to convince someone to see things his way.

He took an apprentice, Duncan mac Griogair, from among the ranks of the covenfolk in 1209, and was determined to not pass into Final Twilight until the boy was Gauntleted.

On the Ides of August, 1217, he ensorceled his apprentice into a very deep sleep and proceeded to destroy his laboratory and the covenant's common laboratory before walking out onto the pier, disrobing, casting a spell on himself to make himself as heavy as a boulder, and stepped into the loch.

His death was, naturally, investigated by Whitburh Frithowebba, Loch Leglean's senior Quaesitor, but she was unable to determine any reason for his bizarre actions, and nothing to indicate that he had been controlled by outside forces.

This all but destroyed Insula Canaria. Fiona ex Miscellanea had already moved to Normandy a few weeks earlier, then Doineann ex Miscellanea and Drystan of Merinita left the covenant. The only one to remain was Eilid of Bjornaer. Duncan himself was claimed by one of Faileas's filii to complete his education.

Member: 1143-1217

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