Fithich Spòg

This reclusive covenant in the Highlands possesses the most extensive library in the Tribunal. It claims to be the "Durenmar of Britannia."

Fithich Spòg is a walled rectangular covenant, with tall round towers at each corner. These towers include the sancta and laboratories for each of the member magi. Within the walls is a long hall keep (as described in Covenants). The lower level comprises the Great Hall, which serves as a meeting place for the covenfolk, a feast hall, and a place for people to congregate when they're not doing something somewhere else. The upper level is mainly living quarters and storage, with a handful of guest quarters for visiting mundanes. (Visiting magi are normally housed in separate guest houses.)

To one side of the grounds, away from any of the walls, the Great Hall, or the training grounds, is what appears to be a shed, with two figures standing guard at all times.

According to its charter, its membership consists of four magi from four different Houses (one of which must be Bonisagus) who have shown a desire and willingness to preserve and pass on knowledge (the minimum requirement being having to have successfully trained and Gauntleted an apprentice).

Known Members

Alexander Danum of Verditius
Argentius of Bonisagus
Felecia of Bjornaer
Gwenhwyvar ex Miscellanea

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