This saga uses words and phrases unique to the Insula Canaria and Loch Leglean setting, and to the saga (and storyguide) itself.


Aonaran (pl. Aonaranan): from the Scots Gaelic for "Hermit," an aonaran is a magus who is not part of a Covenant.


Coisridh: "foot soldier", a member of the Turb trained primarily in hand-to-hand weapons. Note that many coisridh are also trained as saighdearan. Coisridh is both singular and plural.


The Enchanted Bridge: The bridge that connects Eilean Chon to the mainland. So-called because, unlike the Real Bridge, it only exists when the enchanted item that creates it is invoked, and only lasts until it is dispelled or until the next sunrise or sunset (whichever comes first).


Inside: The part of the covenant that lies within the boundary and the Aegis. Usually used as an adjective ("He married one of the coisridh, and he's moving Inside.")


Midnight Swim: A euphemism among the residents of Insula Canaria, to "go for a midnight swim" is to commit suicide by swimming out into the icy waters of the loch at night.
Muggle: A person who does not have the Gift; a mundane. This word is of common usage in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, but little-known elsewhere. It is not normally considered a pejorative, but it can be insulting depending on context and tone.


Outside: covenant property (especially housing) that does not lie within the crushed stone path that forms most of the covenant (and Aegis) boundary, and thus lies "outside" the covenant proper. Usually used as an adjective (as in, "They live Outside.")


Quality Die: A Stress Die that does not carry the possibility of a Botch (that is,a 0 is simply a 0). The phrase is a holdover from Ars Magica 4th Edition (although with a slight mechanical difference), and saying "Quality Die" is easier than saying "A stress die (no botch)" every time.


The Real Bridge: The bridge connecting Eilean Muireach to the mainland.


Saighdear (pl. Saighdearan): "archer", a member of the Turb trained in the bow.

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