Hermetic Timeline

This page presents a timeline of Hermetic history (and, in some cases, non-Hermetic or other magical events of interest to the Order.

For a timeline of mundane history, click here.

Year Event
690 Bonisagus is born in Florence.
705 Trianoma is born in Thessaly.
714 Guernicus is born.
717 Bonisagus discovers Mercurian rituals in an abandoned well.
720 Bonisagus retreats to the Cave to develop the Parma Magica.
721 Guernicus is adopted and apprenticed as a Mercurian earth wizard.
731 Trianoma and Viea meet Bonisagus at the Cave. Viea soon departs; Trianoma becomes Bonisagus’s apprentice and learns the Parma Magica.
732 Bonisagus accepts Notatus as his second apprentice.
746 Guernicus’s master is murdered. He begins his quest for justice, which establishes his reputation.
747 Trianoma meets Mercere. He is the first magus to accept her invitation to form an Order.
753 Guernicus entombs the wizard responsible for his master’s murder.
757 Trianoma meets Guorna the Fetid.
762 Trianoma meets Guernicus.
767 The Twelve Founders gather at Durenmar and form the Order of Hermes during the first meeting of the First Tribunal.
770 Harco, domus magna of House Mercere, is founded.
773 The second meeting of the First Tribunal. The Grand Tribunal and regional Tribunals are constituted. That winter, Mercere loses his Gift.
799 The first meeting of the Grand Tribunal. Many magi in the thirteenth century confuse the meetings of the early Grand Tribunals with the meetings of the First Tribunal, the original Founders, erroneously counting this as the third Grand Tribunal.
812 Bonisagus is forced to March his own filius, Jovius. Bonisagus never takes another apprentice.
817 The second meeting of the Grand Tribunal of the Hermetic Order. Certamen is accepted as decisive in all disputes. Mercere and Trianoma persuade the other magi of the Order to bring Redcaps into the Order. House ex Miscellanea is admitted into Order of Hermes. Tribunal of Britannia (British Isles) are divided into three Tribunals: Hibernia (Ireland), Stonehenge (Britain, south of Hadrian's Wall), and Loch Leglean (Scotland, north of Hadrian's Wall).
818 Mercere dies.
832 The third meeting of the Grand Tribunal of the Order of Hermes. The 33 year schedule of Grand Tribunals is set. Trianoma attends the Grand Tribunal and later dies in her sleep. Fenicil becomes Primus of House Guernicus.
836 Bonisagus is last seen alive at the regional Thebes Tribunal gathering, recruiting magi for an expedition.
848 The Sundering of House Tremere.
862 The final founder of the Order, Tremere, dies.
875 Fenicil, Primus of House Guernicus, declares the conclusions of his long study of ancient magical history; that the Order is based on a magical tradition that goes back to the beginnings of history.
887 Belin of House Mercere dies.
937 Duresca scrolls discovered.
961 Golias of House Mercere cast out of the Order.
1003-1017 The Schism War.
1010 The inner council of Magvillus summons thirty Guernicus magi to the domus magna to perform the “Curse of Thoth” ritual.
1014 A Bulgarian army is blinded by a Constantinopolitan general. House Tremere recruits some of the blind people, offering them their sight for their lifelong obedience.
1071 Tremere magi begin to join multi-House covenants again.
1141 Insatella becomes Prima of House Mercere.
1148 Simprim starts the Transitionalist movement within House Guernicus.
1213 Murion selected as Prima of House Bonisagus.
1218 Most recent Tremere Decenial. Primus Umno retires to lead the Burning Acorns Vexillation. Poena becomes Prima. Begins a series of research covenants. Bilera elected as Guernicus Prima.
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