History of Insula Canaria

A timeline of the major (and not-so-major) events in the history of Insula Canaria, and a table showing who was members when.


Year (Date) Event
1143 Insula Canaria is founded by Faileas of Criamon, Curwen ex Miscellanea Damhadh-Duidsan, Drystan of Merinita, Eilid of Bjornaer, Scylla of Merinita, and Sylvanus ex Miscellanea Caomhnóir an Foraoise
1149 (Autumn) The covenant is attacked by giants of Clan Mac Ossian
1152 Cainnech ex Miscellanea joins Insula Canaria.
1155 Eilid resigns from the Covenant upon her return from the Gathering of Twelve Years in Crintera
1161 Curwen is murdered by Scylla. Scylla, in turn, is Marched for her crime. Curwen continues on as a ghost.
1165 Cainnech ex Miscellanea leaves the Covenant.
1167 Eilid rejoins the Covenant upon her return from the Gathering of Twelve Years in Crintera. To this day, she has not told her sodales why she resigned, nor why she returned.
1168 Cináed of Bonisagus joins Insula Canaria
1175 Sylvanus enters Final Twilight.
1182 Cináed is Marched for diabolism.
1183 Doineann ex Miscellanea joins Insula Canaria
1191 Fiona ex Miscellanea joins Insula Canaria shortly after her Gauntlet.
1211 The covenant is raided by bandits, who make off with several sheep and Caoimhe; one of the covenant's men is seriously wounded in the attack, and three other suffer only minor wounds. As no magic seemed to have been used in the attack, there was debate as to whether using magic (or magi) to track down and retaliate would violate the Pact of Crun Clach. By the time that the Council decided that, as they could not (yet) determine if the bandits belonged to another covenant and that it would not be a violation, the raiders had escaped.
1217 (Summer) Fiona resigns from the Covenant and moves to Normandy.
1217 (13 Aug) Faileas destroys both his own and the Common Labs, then takes his own life.
1217 Doineann resigns from the Covenant.
1218 Drystan resigns from the Covenant.
1218 Boudicca of Bonisagus joins the covenant.
1220 Angus ex Tytalus, Beatrix ex Mercere, Corbin ex Merinita, Corvus ex Merinita, Gavin ex Miscellanea. Hope of Verditius, and Laerleggr ex Verditius join the covenant.

Chronological Membership

Years Members
1143-1152 Curwen, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas, Scylla, Sylvanus
1152-1155 Cainnech, Curwen, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas, Scylla, Sylvanus
1155-1161 Cainnech, Curwen, Drystan, Faileas, Scylla, Sylvanus
1161-1165 Cainnech, Drystan, Faileas, Sylvanus
1165-1167 Drystan, Faileas, Sylvanus
1167-1168 Drystan, Eilid, Faileas, Sylvanus
1168-1175 Cináed, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas, Sylvanus
1175-1182 Cináed, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas
1182-1183 Drystan, Eilid, Faileas
1183-1191 Doineann, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas
1191-1217 Doineann, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas, Fiona
1217 Doineann, Drystan, Eilid, Faileas
1217 Doineann, Drystan, Eilid
1217-1218 Drystan, Eilid
1218 Eilid
1218-1220 Boudicca, Eilid
1220 Angus, Beatrix, Boudicca, Corbin, Corvus, Eilid, Gavin. Hope, Laerleggr

Past & Present Members

Magus Member
Angus ex Tytalus 1220-
Beatrix ex Mercere 1220-
Boudicca of Bonisagus 1218-
Cainnech ex Miscellanea 1152-1165
Cináed of Bonisagus 1168-1182
Corbin ex Merinita 1220-
Corvus ex Merinita 1220-
Curwen ex Miscellanea Damhadh-Duidsan 1143-1161 (continues as a ghost)
Doineann ex Miscellanea 1183-1217
Drystan of Merinita 1143-1218
Eilid of Bjornaer 1143-1155, 1167-
Faileas of Criamon 1143-1218
Fiona ex Miscellanea 1191-1217
Gavin ex Miscellanea 1220-
Hope of Verditius 1220-
Laerleggr ex Verditius 1220-
Scylla of Merinita 1143-1161
Sylvanus ex Miscellanea Caomhnóir an Foraoise 1143-1175
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