Hope Of Verditius

Class: Magi
Age: 26 – Six Years Post Gauntlet
Warping: 0 (2)
Confidence: 1 (4)
Name: Hope (Baptismal)
Traits: Reclusive+1 Dismissive+2 Assertive-2
House: House Verditius
Characteristics: Int +2 Com +3 Per -2 Prs+3 Str -3 Sta+0 Qik+0 Dex+1
Virtues: Verditius Magic, Relic, Personal Vis Source, Good Teacher, Book Learner, Minor Magical Focus (Parasites), Affinity for Magic Theory, Inventive Genius, Flawless Magic, True Friend (Tia)
Personal Vis Source: Hope coughs up a silvery blood like substance on a semi-regular basis. This is vim vis. 6 pawns per year.
Relic: A small fragment of the True Cross contained within a crystal vial. Generally worn as a necklace.
Flaws: Blatant Gift, Chaotic Magic, Covenant Upbringing, Twilight Prone

Abilities: 185xp + Early childhood.+10 from affinity
English 5 Charm 3 Folk Ken 2

Latin 4 (Hermetic Usage) Magic Theory 3 (Items) {32xp} , Craft: Smithing 3 (Enchanting), Philosophiae 3 (Enchanting), Artes Liberales 1 (Ritual Magic), Parma 1 (Vim), House Verditius Lore 2 (Self-Initiation) Area Lore: England 2, Etiquette 2 (Hermetic), Craft: Cooking 3 (Stew), Teaching 0 (Magic Theory) {2xp}

Arts: 155xp
Creo: 4 Intellego: 0 Muto: 9 Perdo: 0 Rego: 5
Aq: 5 Au: 0 An: 0 Corpus 9 He: 0 Ig: 0 Im: 0, Me: 0 Te: 4 Vim: 5

Aegis of the Hearth-20 ReVi - Spell Mastery 1: Still Casting
Wizard's Communion - 20 MuVi - Spell Mastery 1: Still Casting
Pit of the Gaping Earth - 15 PeTe - Spell Mastery 1: Fast Casting
Wizard's Sidestep - ReIm - 10 - Spell Mastery 1: Still Casting
Aura of Ennobled Presence - MuIm - 10 - Spell Mastery 1: Still Casting
Piercing Shaft of Wood - MeHe(Re) - 10 Spell Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
Demon's Eternal Oblivion PeVi - 5 - Spell Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
Wound that Weeps PeCo - 15 Spell Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
Disguise of the New Visage MuCo - 15 Spell Mastery 1: Still Casting
Note: At Gauntlet, Muto 6, Aq: 0, Corpus: 0, Philosophiae 2, Craft: Metal 2 This only really matters for the spells she has.

Life Story:
Hope was abandoned to die by her birth parents, only a few months after her birth. Fate intervened and Mary of Verditius rescued Hope, adopting her as her own. Mary was a good mother at first, but as her Hubris grew she became obsessed with status, using Hope more as a piece to show off and treated her less and less like a daughter. Bragging about how perfect Hope's spells were. How well behaved she was. On and on.

So Hope cut as much contact as she could as soon as she completed her Gauntlet. Thoroughly unhappy with her mother and her House she moved North to get away from them. She spent most of her time reading and studying arts. Her one bit of excitement so far was finding and binding her Familiar Tia, the Worm. Actually, Tia is probably actually a Serpent, but she calls her a Worm. Besides Tia is the perfect familiar for her. It means Hope doesn't need to tell anyone to bugger off. Another Verditius recently settled in her Covenant and he's particularly obnoxious so she's heading North once more, to the next Tribunal in fact.

Wand of Iron Clay

Familiar: Tia the Parasite

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