Hoplites are magi who dedicate themselves to the enforcement of the Code of Hermes. They are not Quaesitores, but either support them or operate independently in a vigilante manner. While both Quaesitores in Loch Leglean are members of House Guernicus, a Hoplite may belong to any House.

In Loch Leglean, unlike other Tribunals, the Hoplites are rarely members of House Flambeau (due to lingering bad blood between Flambeau and Ordo Miscellanea/Ex Miscellanea from the later days of the war against Damhan-allaidh). There are plenty of magi of other Houses with a suitably martial bent to fill the ranks of the Hoplites, though.

Some Hoplites make a name for themselves by readily taking part in Marches against renegade wizards.

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