House of Canmore

The lineage of the current king of Scotland (Alaxandair mac Uilliam, or Alexander II, who was crowned at Scone on 6 December 1214) can be traced to Edgar, who took the throne in 1097. There were at the time three other claims preceding Edgar's: the line of King Lulach (by the ancient Pictish descent through the mother), Bethóc (daughter and designated heir of Donald Ban), and Edmund (son of Duncan). Since then, the line of Canmore has faced rebellion after rebellion by the descendants of Lulach and Duncan, supported by the great lords of the Highlands and some Highlands wizards (both within and without the Order of Hermes). Bethóc died in the mid-12th century when her pack of hunting dogs uncannily goes mad and pulls her from her horse, tearing her limb from limb.

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