The Incolarum (singular, incola) are the residents of Insula Canaria who do not directly serve the Magi or the Council. This includes the fishermen, the shepherds, and any other inhabitants.

A partial list of Incolarum who call Insula Canaria home

  • Aileas, the cook.
  • Aimil, the brewmaster and covenant's semi-official party planner.
  • Caoimhe, the wanton cook and part-time chambermaid.
  • Ealasaid, the weaver.
  • Eilionoir, the tailor with an ear for gossip.
  • Kirstin, a shepherd girl who's more dog than girl.
  • Seumas mac Torcaill, a shepherd with a bad stutter.
  • TĂ mhas, the simple animal handler.
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