Isobel's Coven

Four witches

  • Ailsa (UnGifted)
  • Elspeth (Gifted)
  • Isobel (UnGifted)
  • Moire (UnGifted)

Initiation Scripts

  • Hands of Life (+10)
  • The Devil's Eye (+7)
  • Rhyme of the Beast (+6)
  • Second Life (+13)
  • Sense of Place (+6)
  • Unbound by Land (+6)

[48 BP]

The Cave (Elspeth), Aura 5

Elspeth is the only Gifted witch in the coven. She serves as the spiritual leader of the coven because of her age and knowledge. But she leaves day-to-day issues to Ailsa, who is much better suited to them. There is a Faerie Regio entrance in the back of the cave.

Boons: Increased Aura (+2)
Hooks: Faerie Regio (-2)

Vis source: 3 Herbam/year: Magical herbs [15 BP]
Vis source: 2 Aquam/year: Pure spring [10 BP]
Vis source: 1 Animal/year: first sparrow of spring [5 BP]

The Village (Ailsa), Aura 0

Ailsa is the true leader of the coven. She has genuine charisma and works hard to maintain the friendship of the local village. She also has control over the flock of sheep that the coven owns, giving her access to a steady source of income.

Boons: Secondary Income: sheep herd (+1), Strong Community (+1), Local Ally: sheriff (+1)
Hooks: Road (-1), Missing Aura (-3)

Vis source: 3 Corpus/year: graveyard [15 BP]
Vis source: 1 Animal/year: first new lamb's wool [5 BP]

The Hut (Moire), Aura 2

Moire lives in a small shepherd's hut out near the local forest. It's not as comfortable as some of the other places she might live, but she stays there because it is close to two vis sources.

Boons: Increased Aura (+2)
Hooks: Poorly Defensible (-1)

Vis source: 2 Auram/year: Winter wind [10 BP]
Vis source: 2 Herbam/year: wild mushrooms [10 BP]

The Cottage (Isobel), Aura 0

Isobel is the newest witch in the coven. She lives in a small cottage outside of the village with a small plot of land where she grows herbs.

Boons: none
Hooks: none

TOTAL COST: 118 BP (low powered coven)

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