Class: Grog
Name: Jerry the Forge Companion
Age: 19
Personality Traits: Uncertain+3, Fearful+2
Characteristics: Str+3 Sta+1 Dex-2 Qik-2 Int-2, Prs+2, Com+3 Pre+0
Virtues: Educated, Forge-Companion, Good Teacher
Flaws: Weak-Willed, Offensive to Animals, No Sense of Direction
Abilities: English 5 (Insults), Brawl 3 (Improvised Weapons), Area Lore: England 2 (Bars), Latin 5 (Hermetic Usage) Artes Liberales 3 (Geometry), Philosophiae 4 (Verditius Runes), Craft: Metal 5 (Assisting), Teaching 3 (One on One) Intrigue 4 (Rumormongering)

This is Hope's forge companion. He's used to Hope's Gift, but hasn't done so for anyone else. The result is he generally stays cooped up in her Sanctum, or hanging out with servants or the like. He tries to stay away from most magi. Powerful and untrustworthy. Watching, really hearing rants about, Verditius Magi and Hope didn't help either. Plus, he's not very assertive in the first place. Hope makes sure he's well taken care of and he helps with her labwork and studies. Fair deal right?

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