There are currently nine past and present laboratories in the covenant: the Common Lab on Eilean Chon, the laboratories currently belonging to Eilid and Boudicca, and the ones that had belonged to Fiona (which is Size +1), Drystan, Doineann (which is an outdoor laboratory), Curwen, Scylla, and Sylvanus. Each of the abandoned laboratories is completely derelict and will need two seasons to rebuild.

Each of the laboratories (past and present) is marked on the map of Insula Canaria.

All of the covenant's laboratories, as well as the Council Hall (a two-story building on Eilean Muireach) and the Revel Hall were created with the Cabin of Earthen Wood.

Magus Laboratory Previous Owner?
Boudicca of Bonisagus Boudicca's Laboratory Faileas
Eilid of Bjornaer Eilid's Laboratory Eilid
Corvus of Merinita Corvus' Lab Corvus of Merinita
Corbin of Merinita Corbin's Laboratory Cainneach ex Miscellanea/CinĂ¡ed of Bonisagus
tbd (laboratory link) Doineann ex Miscellanea
tbd (laboratory link) Curwen ex Miscellanea
tbd (laboratory link) Fiona ex Miscellanea
tbd (laboratory link) Scylla of Merinita
tbd (laboratory link) Sylvanus ex Miscellanea
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