Covenant Library

The covenant library is located upstairs in the Council Hall, on Eilean Muireach.


Arts texts are organized Summae first, followed by Tractatus. Within these headings, they are organized by Quality (high to low), then by Level (for Summae, high to low), then alphabetical by title; books that do not have a title listed come after titled tomes. All books are written in Latin unless otherwise noted.


Ex Nihilo; Su L17 Q12
Substantiation; Su L10 Q15


The Inquisitorial Eye; Su L14 Q12


Transformations of the Elements; Su L17 Q14
Mutata sunt Tempora: Su L20 Q10


Unleashing the Grim; Su Q15 L20. Author: Sirius Ater of Tytalus.
The Art of Undoing; Su L17 Q14


The Magic of Motion; Su L18 Q13.
Spells of Translocation: Tr Q10
Manipulating Things from Afar: Tr Q10
Changing People's Minds: Tr Q10


The Nature of the Beast; Su L17 Q14


Beneath the Waves; Su L17 Q14


Magical Manipulations of the Air; Su L10 Q12


Manipulation of the Human Body; Su L12 Q13
On the Humours; Su L15 Q13
Blood, Bones, and Organs – How Magic Affects Them; Su L20 Q10


Musings of a Hermetic Woodsman; Su L10 Q9


Libire de Limine; Su L10 Q16


De Imagine; Su L16 Q13


Mentem et Manes; Su L13 Q13


Terram Mysticum; Su L12 Q15


Your First Look at Vim; Su L20 Q10
On the Nature of Vim; Su L12 Q15
A Primer on Harvesting Vis: Tr Q10
On the Nullification of Magic: Tr Q10
On Piercing the Veils of Regionnes: Tr Q10


Abilities texts are organized by Ability. Within each ability, Summae are listed first, followed by Tractatus. Within these headings, they are organized by Quality (high to low), then by Level (for Summae, high to low), then alphabetical by title; books that do not have a title listed come after titled tomes. All books are written in Latin unless otherwise noted.

Artes Liberales

Posterior Analytics; Tr Q10. Author: Aristotle.

Code of Hermes

Peripheral Rulings of the Loch Leglean Tribunal; Su L4 Q10.


Techniques of Spellcasting, Vol. 1; Su L7 Q13

Dominion Lore

The Saints of Scotland; Su L3 Q10

Faerie Lore

On the Faerie Burgh of Loch Ness; Tr Q10. Author: Scylla of Merinita; A study of the Faerie burgh located north of Insula Canaria, which mostly focuses on the exploration of the regio found on the burgh and the negotiations with the local faerie lord and his court.


How to Control Magic; Su L8 Q11

Magic Lore

Aquatic Members of the Magical Animal Kingdom; Tr Q10

Magic Theory

Magic Theory: A Primer; Su L8 Q11
De Magia Sympathetica: Su L8 Q11
Numerology in Magic; Tr Q11
On Thaumaturgic Relationships; Tr Q11)

Parma Magica

The Basics of Parma; Su L8 Q11


Subtle Knives; Su L5 Q12


Summary of Aristotle's Physics; Tr Q10


How to Write Neatly; Su L5 Q15

Spell Mastery: Aegis of the Hearth

Spell Mastery Summa (Aegis of the Hearth 50); Su L4 Q14


Laboratory Texts for Spells are organized the same way they are in Ars Magica 5th Edition: Alphabetically by form, then by Technique & Form, then by spell level low to high.


Creo Animal
Soothe Pains of the Beast: CrAn 20
Rego Animal
Woolen Steed of Araby: ReAn 15
Ward Against Beasts of Legend: ReAn 20
Seven League Bound: ReAn 30
Bound of the Homecoming: ReAn 35


Rego Aquam
Exactly to Scale: ReAq(Me) 10
Ward Against Water Faeries: ReAq 20


Creo Auram
Breeze From Within: CrAu 20
Clouds of Rain and Thunder: CrAu 25
Clouds of Snow and Sleet: CrAu 25

Intellego Auram
Eyes of the Bat: InAu 25


Muto Corpus
Eyes of the Fish: MuCo 5
Gift of the New Body: MuCo 10
Cloak of Black Feathers: MuCo(An) 20
Shape of the Siren: MuCo(An) 40
Create a Statue for the Garden: MuCo(Te) 45

Rego Corpus
Wizard's Leap: ReCo 15
Seven League Stride: ReCo 30
The Leap of Homecoming: ReCo 35


Crep Herbam
Cabin of Earthen Wood: CrHe(Te) 30
Craft the Lasting Pier: CrHe 35

Muto Herbam
The Seat of Nature: MuHe 20

Rego Herbam
Vessel of the Clouds: ReHe 30


Creo Ignem
Lamp Without Flame: CrIg 10


Creo Imaginem
Haunt of the Living Ghost: CrIm 35

Intellego Imaginem
To See As Through a Plethron Distant: InIm 25

Muto Imaginem
Image Phantom: MuIm 20

Perdo Imaginem
Ambush in the Deserted Road: PeIm 20

Rego Imaginem
Circle of Undisturbed Rest: ReIm 5


Intellego Mentem
Thoughts Within Babble: InMe 25


Creo Terram
Magus's Modest Manor: CrTe 30

Intellego Terram
Sense the Feet that Tread the Earth: InTe 30


Intellego Vim
Piercing the Divine Veil: InVi20
Piercing the Faerie Veil: InVi20
Piercing the Infernal Veil: InVi20
Piercing the Magical Veil: InVi20
Sight of the Active Magics: InVi 40

Muto Vim
Wizard's Communion: MuVi 20
Wizard's Expansion (Corpus): MuVi 25

Rego Vim
Gather the Essence of the Beast: ReVi 15
Opening the Intangible Tunnel: ReVi25
The Patient Spell: ReVi25
The Master's Message: ReVi 30
Aegis of the Hearth: ReVi 50

Lab Texts

The library has Laboratory Texts for each of the following effects from enchanted items. Unless otherwise noted, the Laboratory Texts have already been translated (and, thus, can be usable or copied by any magus). The effects are organized by Form and listed by Technique + Form combination, from lowest Effect Level to highest.

Intellego Animal

Track the Niseag (Map of the Meandering Monster): InAn 20

Perdo Animal

Shearing Knife: PeAn 4
Eilid's Rug: PeAn 5

Rego Animal

Shepherd's Staff: ReAn 45

Intellego Aquam

Peer Through the Murky Depths (The Niseag's Necklace): InAq 15

Muto Aquam

Breathe Water (The Niseag's Necklace): MuAq(Au) 15

Perdo Aquam

The Destroyer of Snow and Ice: PeAq 25

Creo Herbam

Create the Bridge to Eilean Chon (Bridge Posts): CrHe 25

Creo Ignem

Ward Against the Water's Chill (The Niseag's Necklace): CrIg 4
Magical Oven: CrIg 5

Creo Imaginem

Chart the Monster (Map of the Meandering Monster): CrIm 3

Rego Terram

Crop the Circle (The Motivated Plow): ReTe 5

Perdo Vim

Destroy the Bridge to Eilean Chon (Bridge Posts): PeVi 25

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