Covenant of Loch Leglean

Loch Leglean is a de facto "Dedicated Covenant," in that their primary purpose is to host the Tribunal meetings. Founded on the site of Pralix's encampment in her war against Damhan-allaidh, Loch Leglean also serves as neutral ground or sanctuary. By tradition, the Autocrat of the Loch Leglean Covenant is a direct Hermetic descendant of Pralix.

The covenant and its attendant village lie within stone walls. The main feature is the Meeting Hall, a large single-room structure that hosts the Tribunal Meetings every seven years. A number of auxiliary buildings (including the kitchens and the Praeco and Head Quaesitor's cottages) are adjacent. Several dozen other cottages are scattered about the covenant, each with between two and four bedrooms for the visiting magi and their entourages.

There is also a large open green on the shores of the loch where the venditores and visiting merchants set up shop for Tribunal. There are no permanent structures in the Merchant's Green, and it's usually first-come, first-served to see who's stalls go where.

There are two gates with attendant gazebos, at the eastern and western end of the covenant on the landward side, where visitors (whether magi, entourage, or vendors) check in. There is normally a guard stationed at each gate outside of Tribunal season (and typically another custos as well). During Tribunal, there is a guard, a couple of custodes, and a member magus stationed there throughout the proceedings, from three days before the Tribunal opens until the last guest leaves.

Known Members

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