Loch Leglean Tribunal

Loch Leglean Tribunal consists of the Island of Britain north of Hadrian's Wall, as well as the northern islands.

Loch Leglean is a very unorthodox Hermetic Tribunal. Fully one-fourth of the magi are not members of a Covenant, and yet have full voting privileges at Tribunal. These magi are known as aonaranan (singular, aonaran).

The Houses represented have very different memberships: Guernicus has only two members, while Mercere has no Magi Mercere at all (although it does have a number of Redcaps), and House ex Miscellanea makes up roughly half of Loch Leglean. The magi who are accepted by their sodales in Loch Leglean might not be as welcome in other parts of the Order. Some Covenants allow members who do not belong to the Order of Hermes (despite the Order's "Join or Die" provisions); most notable is Mac Gruagach, which has a number of Gruagachan in its fold.

Most members of the Order of Hermes in mainland Europe have no idea where a Loch Leglean Covenant covenant is, let alone what it's stodoing.

The Tribunal was formed in 817, when the Grand Tribunal split the former Tribunal of Britannia into three: Loch Leglean, Stonehenge, and Hibernia. (Coincidentally, this was the same Grand Tribunal that saw Ordo ex Miscellanea admitted to the Order of Hermes as its thirteenth House, House ex Miscellanea.)

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