Mac Gruagach

Mac Gruagach is one of the so-called Big Three (along with Horsingas and Crun Clach), and protects the interests of the Highlands, mainly through intimidation (whether political, magical or physical). This often puts it at odds with the other two main covenants. Mac Gruagach also skirts the edge of the Hermetic Code, in that its members are as likely to be non-Hermetic (Gruagachan) as they are members of the Order.

Known Members

Aonghus Lamh Iarran ex Miscellanea
Calum Mac Lachlan ex Miscellanea
Domnhull Beg of Bonisagus
Fearghus Mac Mungan ex Miscellanea
Mairi Sean ex Miscellanea
Mungan Mor ex Miscellanea
Nechtan Dubh ex Miscellanea

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