List of Magi Of Loch Leglean Tribunal

Praeco: Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita
Chief Quaesitor: Whitburh Frithowebba of Guernicus

Aelfred of Little Downing of Tytalus
Aethella of Mercere (Redcap)
Alexander Danum of Verditius
Alexander the Lame of Merinita
Aindread ex Miscellanea
Aonghus Lamh Iarran ex Miscellanea
Argentius of Bonisagus
Birgit of Mercere (Redcap)
Boudicca of Bonisagus
Caitlin ex Miscellanea
Caitlin Suil Uaine of Merinita
Calum Mac Lachlan ex Miscellanea
CiarĂ¡n of Merinita
Christiniana of Bonisagus
Coenwulf Eofurcumbol of Bjornaer
Cumhachd of Tytalus
Dallan of Mercere (Redcap)
Doineann ex Miscellanea
Domnhull Beg of Bonisagus
Douglas of Mercere (Redcap)
Drystan of Merinita
Ealwynn of Keswick of Bjornaer
Edwin of Hexham of Tytalus
Endora ex Miscellanea
Eilid of Bjornaer
Endora ex Miscellanea
Fearghus Mac Mungan ex Miscellanea
Felecia of Bjornaer
Focus of Flambeau
Gaebolgae ex Miscellanea
Giuseppe Del Mato of Flambeau
Gregarius of Criamon
Guy Clavius of Mercere (Redcap)
Gwenhwyvar ex Miscellanea
Iain Mac Gabhan of Merinita
Isis of Mercere (Redcap)
Jehan of Surrey of Jerbiton
John Mac Crieff of Mercere (Redcap)
Maia of Verditius
Mairi Sean ex Miscellanea
Maria of Mercere (Redcap)
Marian of Mercere (Redcap)
Mikhail Mixhullez of Bjornaer
Moran of Verditius
Mungam Mor ex Miscellanea
Nechtan Dubh ex Miscellanea
Peasairuaine ex Miscellanea
Peragro ex Miscellanea
Radislav am Polanach of Criamon
Rhunel ex Miscellanea
Sachiko of Merinita
Scintilla of Flambeau
Scipio of Mercere (Redcap)
Seumas an Cat ex Miscellanea
Tadgh ex Miscellanea
Tintavius of Verditius
Trutina of Guernicus
Whitburh Frithowebba of Guernicus

The descriptions of NPC magi will give each magus an age group (if it doesn't give them a specific age). These "age groups" are the same ones used in Heirs to Merlin. To wit:

  • Young: from Gauntlet to 30 years.
  • Mature: from 20 to 70 years post-Gauntlet.
  • Old: from 50 to 100 years.
  • Ancient magus: over 80 years.
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