Mairead (pronounced mur-AID) is the covenant's archery champion and trainer (although can can currently only teach one-on-one). She showed up at the covenant in 1217 looking for a home; when asked what she could do, she walked over to the archery range and challenged the covenant to a contest. She won handily.

She doesn't talk much about her past, although judging by her accent she appears to be of noble birth. She also seems to take a special interest in any reports of bears in the area.

She speaks basic Latin, with the distinctive covenant accent. She is of average height and build, with long, fiery read hair and hazel eyes.

Main Information

Age: 18
Born: 1202
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: Scottish
Birth Place:
Religion: Christian
Title: Archery Marshal
Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Right


Intelligence: 0
Perception: +1
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Presence: 0
Communication: 0
Dexterity: +2
Quickness: +2


Affinity with Bows
Custos (martial Abilities)
Puissant Bows


Careless with Bows (from Grogs, p. 77)
Delusion (mother has been turned into a bear)


Athletics 2
Awareness 3
Bows (Short Bow) 7+2
Brawl 2
Concentration (when shooting)
Covenant Lore: Insula Canaria (woods) 1
Gaelic (noble) 5 (native)
Latin (covenant) 2
Survival (woodlands) 2
Swim 2
Teaching (bows) 1


Weapon Init Attack Defense Damage Range
Dodge -1 n/a +4 n/a n/a
Fist -1 +4 +4 +0 n/a
Kick -2 +4 +4 +3 n/a
Dagger -1 +6 +4 +3 n/a
Short Bow -2 +15 +12 +6 15

Fatigue Levels: 0/0/-1/-3/-5/Unconscious
Wound Levels (normal): 1-5 Light, 6-10 Medium, 11-15 Heavy, 16-20 Incapacitated, 21+ Dead
Soak: 7 (Sta 0 + Armour 7)


Item Load
Armour, Full Metal Scale 7
Dagger 0
Short bow 2
Arrows (24) 0
Total 9

Encumbrance: 3
Burden: 3

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