New Virtues And Flaws

New Virtues

Blackthorn Bred

Minor, Supernatural

This Virtue is taken by anyone conceived in the caverns of the Covenant of Blackthorn, in the Stonehenge Tribunal. It allows the character to see perfectly well in absolute darkness, and not just "see normally in darkness or semi-darkness, such as in deep woods or at night" that comes with Strong Faerie Blood. Even in the deepest cavern with no light source for leagues around, the character can see as well as on a cloudy day. This Virtue does not allow the character to learn Faerie, Magic, or Infernal Lore at creation; to do so, she must take another appropriate Virtue or Flaw (such as Custos or Covenant Upbringing).

New Flaws

New Beast Qualities

Powerful Jaws

Powerful Jaws represent beasts such as weasels and badgers who are particularly tenacious biters. This Quality adds +2 attack and damage to the creature's bites.

Strong Swimmer

Strong Swimmer reflects beasts such as bears and dogs which are inherently good swimmers, but are neither "amphibious" nor have any special ability to hold their breath. This Quality grants Swim 4, only.

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