List of Magi of the Normandy Tribunal

Praeco: Renita of Bjornaer
Chief Quaesitor: Proctor of Guernicus

Adanos Lutorum of Tytalus
Aesculapius Francus Iuvenior of Bonisagus
Aigle of Bjornaer
Aivas of Tytalus
Alroy of Flambeau
Amelie of Merinita
Anacrôn ex Miscellanea
Angelus ex Miscellanea
Argyros of Verditius
Aristarcus of Guernicus
Artorius filius Celeres of Bonisagus
Augustina of Tytalus
Aureliana ex Miscellanea
Buliste of Tytalus
Calvinujs of Jerbiton
Caprican of Merinita
Cavillor of Guernicus
Celeres of Bonisagus
Eduardus of Tytalus
Eloi of Jerbiton
Eulogius ex Miscellanea
Évrard de Tours of Mercere
Fiona ex Miscellanea
Geirlaug of Flambeau
Gulo Midusulfis of Bjornaer
Harpax of Tytalus
Helios of Tytalus
Henri ex Miscellanea
Hervé filius Évrard of Mercere
Hervé le Brun of Mercere
Iacula of Bonisagus
Iasper filius Adanos of Tytalus
Jacques of Flambeau
Jerome of Jerbiton
Kybella of Tytalus
Luna of Bjornaer
Martis of Flambeau
Mathieus of Constantinople of Jerbiton
Mayana of Jerbiton
Micropedus of Bjornaer
Mnemon of Tytalus
Onesiphorus of Verditius
Philip ex Miscellanea
Proctor of Guernicus
Prunellie of Merinita
Quintinus of Verditius
Rabirius of Verditius
Regulus of Merinita
Renaud Fouinon of Mercere
Renita of Bjornaer
Rhesus of Verditius
Rotgiers of Tremere
Runild of Tremere
Sevin of Jerbiton
Somnifer of Merinita
Stellatus of Bjornaer
Thormod of Flambeau
Valerian of Guernicus
Vesuvia of Flambeau
Viviana ex Miscellanea

The descriptions of NPC magi will give each magus an age group (if it doesn't give them a specific age). These "age groups" are the same ones used in Heirs to Merlin. To wit:

  • Young: from Gauntlet to 30 years.
  • Mature: from 20 to 70 years post-Gauntlet.
  • Old: from 50 to 100 years.
  • Ancient magus: over 80 years.
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