Order Of Hermes

The Order of Hermes is a secretive organization of wizards that are found throughout Europe (including the Levant). The Order is probably the largest and most powerful group of wizards in the world, and for centuries has kept its power by threatening to kill any wizards who do not join its ranks.

The Order of Hermes is the cornerstone of the Ars Magica game, and some of its members are the focal point of this saga.

The existence of the Order of Hermes is not a secret, nor is who is a member (normally). What is a secret, however, is the inner workings of the Order. Its most closely guarded secret is the Parma Magica, a ritual that its members perform to give them protection against magic and to offset the social effects of The Gift. Many (if not most) nobles and leaders of the Church are aware of the Order, and may know something of how the Order generally operates. As a rule, the higher ranking the person is, the more they will know. The typical peasant will know that wizards exist, and may know that that belong to an organization of some kind, but not much beyond that. In some ways (to use a bad analogy) the Order of Hermes is akin to a modern secret society like the Freemasons. A person has heard of it, and may know someone who's a Freemason, but doesn't know anything more than that.

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