People Of Insula Canaria

The residents of Insula Canaria are divided into three groups. The top tier, unquestionably, is comprised of the Magi.

Below them are the grogs (or "muggles", in the local parlance).

  • Custodes – those who work directly for the Magi, the Council, or the Covenant itself. Custodes' dwellings tend to be within the stone path, and thus protected by the covenant's Aegis.
  • Incolarum – those who live and make their living at Insula Canaria, and may help support the Covenant by their efforts, but do not directly serve it. They tend to live outside the covenant's Aegis.

The Custodes tend to feel that they are above the incolarum, while the latter believe that they are the Custodes' equals.

Native residents of Insula Canaria should take the Covenant Upbringing Flaw, which allows them to know Latin at character generation. Custodes typically have a Latin score of at least 2 or 3, while Incolarum typically have a 1 or 2.

There are (obviously) people outside of Insula Canaria with whom the characters may have interactions. This page contains a helpful guide to non-player mundane characters that fall under this category.

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