Quaesitores are legal experts and officers of the Order of Hermes. They act as investigators, field judges, legal counsel, and often mediators.

While most Quaesitores are members of House Guernicus (and practically all member of that House are Quaesitores), many are from other Houses. The Quaesitores interpret and preserve the Code of Hermes and the body of Peripheral Code. They are accorded a privileged status in Hermetic Society, and enjoy special legal and social privileges.

There is at least one member of each House (besides Guernicus) with the title Quaesitor, although there are usually more. One Quaesitor from each House sits on the Outer Tier of the Magvillus Council.

There are two Quaesitores in residence in Loch Leglean: Whitburh Frithowebba (of Horsingas). and Trutina (of Burnham). Whitburh is the only one who is truly active in the Tribunal, as Trutina tends to be either studying or in Stonehenge most of the time, and anything dealing with Loch Leglean matters she sees as an imposition.

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