Redcaps of Loch Leglean

There are fourteen Redcaps in Loch Leglean, and no Mercere Magi. The Chief of Taigh-Gogar is Guy Clavius, and he is the one who determines which Redcap will be visiting which covenant in any given season (although he does not perform those duties himself, as his duties as Head of Mercer House take up all his time).

As there are currently 21 Covenants and 25 aonaranan in Loch Leglean, and each Redcap normally works just six months out of the year, any given Redcap will visit three covenants and three or four aonaranan in any given season (allowing for the traditional three-day visit and travel time). Guy Flavius normally tries to take the Redcap's preferences into account, and it is not uncommon for them to trade off parts of their route (One redcap will trade Covenant A for Covenant B, for example).


Aethella is originally from England. She is rarely assigned to go to Horsingas.


Birgit is a tall, beautiful woman from the Norse-controlled Hebrides. She is married to a merchant captain and spends much of her time at sea, visiting the coastal covenants or attending the great Flemish fairs on Redcap business.


Dallan of Mercere, or Dallan of the Silver Tongue as he is known in Loch Leglean, is a good-natured middle-aged man from the Highlands with a touch of the fae about him. He is a poet, a singer, a storyteller, and most of all, a cutthroat trader. It's said that he knows every clan leader and bandit captain in the Highlands by name and is welcome at their fires anytime.


Douglas is a youngish-looking Redcap, tall (pushing six feet), with a sturdy build, long dark curly hair, and hazel eyes. He is normally clean-shaven, with a Kirk Douglas chin.

He has lived his entire life in Loch Leglean, being born in Taigh-Gogar, and doesn't want to live anywhere else. Granted, the weather could be a little nicer sometimes, and even with the magical items, he still finds it annoying having to trudge through the mud and the snow. He's liked the life he has so far, and appreciates that the aonaranan are normally pretty good about letting him know when they're going to be moving.

Guy Clavius


Isis is the oldest Redcap in the tribunal and spends as little time as possible away from Taigh-Gogar. Though her body is beginning to fail her, her mind and extraordinary memory are still intact. She is a renowned author of various works concerning the history of the Order and arcane lore, including several summae and tractatus contained in the great library of Durenmar. She has been known to ask learned magi to visit her while she is writing and her reputation often leads them to accept the invitation. Isis relies on teleportation items to meet her routine Redcap responsibilities.

John Mac Crieff

Originally from Ireland, John sees it as his divine obligation to keep the covenants and aonaran of Loch Leglean in contact with each other. He makes a pilgrimage to Iona and St Patrick's Purgatory at least once every seven years, and spends the bulk of his free time roaming the Highlands.




Marian (pictured at right)is one of the more distinctive Redcaps in Loch Leglean. This is largely because, from a distance, she is easily mistaken for a man. For that matter, up close, she is easily mistaken for a man. She is just over seven feet tall, very muscular, and is typically well armed and armoured. She is relatively young (in her mid-twenties).


Scipio is a short, stocky Redcap whose martial prowess and belligerent tendencies are known throughout the tribunal. He is rarely seen without his magical horse Lucius or his enchanted arms and armor. He is rumored to possess a few powerful offensive enchanted items that are usually proscribed for Redcaps, but Guy has so far been unable to prove it. Scipio spends his free seasons assisting covenants in raids, military actions, or anything else that 'entertains' him. He spends a great deal of time at Horsingas.

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