Revel Hall

The covenant's Revel Hall is a large barn-like structure located in the central part of the covenant proper. It was created by Drystan of Merinita in 1149, after Insula Canaria had successfully defended itself against an attack by a band of giants. After the attack, it was decided that the covenant needed a fortified structure to retreat to in case of attack; the magi also decided to build the Revel Hall as a reward to the covenfolk for their actions.

The building, which was created by a casting of The Cabin of Earthen Wood, is a single large room, with a dais at the front where the magi (and guests of honour) sit. There are many trestle tables and benches for use during mealtimes and feasts; when not in use, they are stored against one of the walls, allowing the floor to be open for dancing.

In the corner of the room, by the dais, is the pull rope for the covenant's alarm bell, which is normally only rung in case of emergency (e.g. under attack).

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