List of Magi of the Rhine Tribunal

Praeco: Murion of Bonisagus
Head Quaesitor:

Adelle Passer of Bjornaer
Andrus of Bonisagus
Ardea of Bjornaer
Balastor of Criamon
Beechleaf of Merinita
Boris of Novgorod of Mercere
Caecilius of Bonisagus
Caprea of Bjornaer
Carolus of Jerbiton
Daria la Gris of Tremere
Dorana of Bonisagus
Eric Ribecus of Tytalus
Estrid Danneson ex Miscellanea
Eule of Bjornaer
Falke of Bjornaer (Prima)
Felicia of Bonisagus
Garrinchus ex Miscellanea
Gerhard of Mercere
Glesig of Merinita
Gravis of Merinita
Gudrun Tigurina of Verditius
Gunhilda Henrasdottir of Jerbiton
Günther Lupus of Bjornaer
Hachim al'Khaleb of Criamon
Handri of Merinita (Prima)
Hassan El-Megrayhi
Henri de Tours of Jerbiton
Horst of Mercere
Hygwald Veritas of Tremere
Iacob of Merinita
Igor Rastvan ex Miscellanea
Imanitos Mendax of Jerbiton
Indulius of Flambeau
Ingrid of Bonisagus
Ioannes Acer of Merinita
Istvan Padas of Bjornaer
Jiphella ex Miscellanea
Jon Arnsson of Bjornaer
Larinda ex Miscellanea
Lucas von Beck of Flambeau
Marcus Navicularius of Verditius
Marguerite of Flambeau
Mika of Bjornaer
Murion of Bonisagus (Primus)
Occultes of Bonisagus
Odorpes filia Urgen of Bjornaer
Orphedra of Merinita
Peter von Würzberg of Verditius
Petrus Virilis of Bonisagus
Phillipus Niger of Flambeau
Phyllia of Bjornaer
Remi of Museau of Jerbiton
Ricardus Caespuus of Bonisagus
Richenda Spinosa of Flambeau
Schadrit ex Miscellanea
Schwall of Bjornaer
Severicus of Tremere
Sicero of Tremere
Stentorius of Tremere
Tabanus filius Jart of Guernicus
Tandaline of Bonisagus
Tanner of Mercere
Urgen of Bjornaer
Vinaria of Merinita
Wilhelm Weiss of Jerbiton
Winfrida of Guernicus
Xavier of Mercere (Gifted)

The descriptions of NPC magi will give each magus an age group (if it doesn't give them a specific age). These "age groups" are the same ones used in Heirs to Merlin. To wit:

  • Young: from Gauntlet to 30 years.
  • Mature: from 20 to 70 years post-Gauntlet.
  • Old: from 50 to 100 years.
  • Ancient magus: over 80 years.
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