Loch Ness: A New Dawn

Welcome to Insula Canaria (Casting Token pictured at right). One of the older Covenants in the Loch Leglean Tribunal, it has unfortunately fallen on hard times of late. The founder and driving force of the Covenant has died. Three of the four remaining magi have decided to move on. The last has asked a Bonisagus to take on the task of bringing the covenant back from Winter. Boudicca, in turn, has sent out a call for fresh blood. It is their hope that they will be able to resurrect the once mighty covenant.

On this wiki, you'll find detailed information on the Covenant, the PCs and NPCs, a history not only of the Covenant but of Loch Leglean Tribunal, Scotland, and (to some extent) the greater world beyond.

A list of the major characters of the saga
About the Covenant of Insula Canaria
People of Insula Canaria
About the Tribunal
Meta-game information
- Character Generation/Advancement rules
The Known World
A history of Magi's final plans, by year

A seasonal planner on Google Docs
A Vis-tracking spreadsheet

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