Stonehenge Tribunal

Stonehenge is the Tribunal consisting of the Island of Britain (and the islands off of Britain's coast) south of Hadrian's Wall. The close proximity of Stonehenge and Loch Leglean, combined with the mundane disputes between Scotland and England, have brought the two Tribunals into conflict on countless occasions, and there are almost guaranteed to be several issues raised at each Grand Tribunal.

Stonehenge and Loch Leglean are unique in that they are the only two Tribunals in the Order of Hermes whose boundaries are defined by a ruling of the Grand Tribunal (in 817); the Hibernian Tribunal was also formed at the same time, but as Ireland is an island, its boundaries are rather natural. Some of the islands lying in the Irish Sea have been claimed by two (or, in the case of the Isle of Man, all three) of the Tribunals that once formed the Britannia Tribunal.

Information on this tribunal can be found in the 4th Edition book, Heirs to Merlin.

Magi of Stonehenge Tribunal

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