List of Magi of Stonehenge Tribunal

Praeco: Talion of Flambeau
Chief Quaesitor: Iudicium of Guernicus

Acutus ex Miscellanea
Aquila of Bjornaer
Aranea of Criamon
Ariel of Flambeau
Astrolabe of Jerbiton
Autolycus of Tytalus
Caltis of Tremere
Corvus of Bjornaer
Culhwch ex Miscellanea
Desiderius of Verditius
Edgar of Mercere
Edward of Milton of Jerbiton
Edward the White of Jerbiton
Espera of Merinita
Fabricor of Verditius
Findabair ex Miscellanea
Flavius ex Miscellanea
Fornax of Tremere
Fredegisa of Guernicus
Gerfallon of Criamon
Gharad ex Miscellanea
Goliard of Tremere
Golias of Tytalus
Great William of Mercere
Gregorius of Bonisagus
Gwrhyr ex Miscellanea
Herrit of Tytalus
Howell ex Miscellanea
Immanola ex Miscellanea
Iudicium of Guernicus
Jocelin of Mercere
Jonaquil of Merinita
Julia of Jerbiton
Junius of Verditius
Justin of Tremere
Kirist of Flambeau
Little William of Mercere
Lucidia of Flambeau
Lumen of Jerbiton
Mary of Verditius
Maximianus of Bonisagus
Meles of Bjornaer
Morlen of Merinita
Perceval of Mercere
Phessallia of Merinita
Prelum of Tremere
Sceat of Tytalus
Serena of Merinita
Siffed of Criamon
Sinead of ex Miscellanea
Stephen Eruditus of Jerbiton
Talion of Flambeau
Thamik of Verditius
Vanasalus of Criamon
Viator of Mercere(Gifted)
Virtuo of Guernicus

The descriptions of NPC magi will give each magus an age group (if it doesn't give them a specific age). These "age groups" are the same ones used in Heirs to Merlin. To wit:

  • Young: from Gauntlet to 30 years.
  • Mature: from 20 to 70 years post-Gauntlet.
  • Old: from 50 to 100 years.
  • Ancient magus: over 80 years.
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