Taigh Gogar

Taigh-Gogar is Loch Leglean's Mercer House, located just west of Edinburgh. Most of the dozen or so Redcaps make their homes here. There are currently no Magi Mercere in Loch Leglean.

The Chief Redcap, Guy Clavius, assigns the routes to their sodales so that every covenant and aonaran they can find gets a visit roughly every two months, staggered so that half of the northern deliveries and half of the southern occur in the same month. So, for example, in January, half of the northern and Highlands magi will see a redcap, and half of the southern and lowlands ones; in February, the rest of the magi will see one.

In addition to the Redcaps, there are a number of clerks whose job it is to maintain the records that are kept at Taigh-Gogar.

Known Members

Aethella of Mercere
Birgit of Mercere
Dallan of Mercere
Douglas of Mercere
Guy Clavius of Mercere
Isis of Mercere
John MacCrieff of Mercere
Maria of Mercere
Marian of Mercere
Scipio of Mercere

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