List of Magi of the Tribunal of Thebes

Archon: Aiakia of Guernicus
Polemarch: Maria Laskarina of Guernicus
Logothete: Leontius of Mercere

Aeliophanes of Flambeau
Aiakia of Guernicus
Allectores of Tremere
Ankoydes of Bjornaer
Anna Psellus of Jerbiton
Aristides of Mercere
Artoud of Criamon
Ausculator of Guernicus
Bobila of Verditius
Boustaphan of Tremere
Catella of Bonisagus
Caterina da Vigonovo of Jerbiton
Celaenea of Bonisagus
Delfini of Bjornaer
Destasia ex Miscellanea
Diantha of Mercere
Euxodia of Verditius
Galla ex Miscellanea
Gemma of Verditius
Gerasimos the Simple of Flambeau
Ioannes of Bonisagus
Ionnia of Jerbiton
Krum the Swift of Bjornaer
Leontius of Mercere
Leukothea of Merinita
Lucian the Scholar of Merinita
Lysandros of Mercere
Marcus Tauros of Criamon
Maria Laskarina of Guernicus
Memnos of Verditius
Monorchis of Tremere
Nereida ex Miscellanea
Niko of Mercere
Nonna ex Miscellanea
Petros of Jerbiton
Proximios of Mercere
Stouritus of Verditius
Syagricus of Jerbiton
Theocharista Psellus of Jerbiton
Theoderet of Criamon
Tisiphon of Tytalus
Trasaricus of Criamon
Verecunda of Verditius
Wilrich of Flambeau
Xenias the Leper of Tytalus
Ziper of Tytalus

The descriptions of NPC magi will give each magus an age group (if it doesn't give them a specific age). These "age groups" are the same ones used in Heirs to Merlin. To wit:

  • Young: from Gauntlet to 30 years.
  • Mature: from 20 to 70 years post-Gauntlet.
  • Old: from 50 to 100 years.
  • Ancient magus: over 80 years.
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