Tintavius of Verditius

Tintavius of Verditius is an aonaran, currently making his home in the hills between the rivers Clyde and Nith, in the southwestern part of the Tribunal.

He is known to be more than competent in his craft(s). Originally Welsh, he had to leave his former covenant when their mine was destroyed. In his 40s or 50s (Hermetically), he's been an aonaran for much of that time…in part because he feels that any sodales may be trying to nick his stuff. He belongs to a confraternity of lunatics that are known for boobie-traps (Himinis the Mad). Tintavius's traps have killed at least one member of the Order; he avoided censure at Tribunal because the trap was set in his sanctum marker, and he successfully argued that the fact that the trap was set off meant that the magus was within Tintavius's sanctum and, thus, had forfeited immunity.

Tintavius is greedy, jealous, arrogant, and condescending. He's strongest in Rego, Perdo, and Terram. He has Strong Faerie blood of some kind.

He has Small Frame (standing just over four feet tall), but is sturdy-looking. His skin is the brown of freshly-turned earth, and his long hair looks silvery. His eyes are in constant motion, but lingering on anything that might be construed as being of value.

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